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Alumina has a very good mechanical and electrical insulation properties, and the price is relatively low, is the most widely used in a high-tech ceramics. According to the purity of the alumina is different, its performance has a relatively large difference. In which the purity of 95% to 99.7% of the alumina is known as high alumina porcelain, they have a: Good mechanical strength Good thermal conductivity Good high temperature resistance Better resistance to chemical corrosion. Excellent wear resistance Good electrical insulation properties Alumina can be used as a sealing ring, laser tube, electrical insulation, silk, refractory crucible, electronic substrate, thermocouple protection tube, milling medium and so on.


Talc porcelain

Talc porcelain is a kind of product which is prepared by the day hot mineral talc (a kind of hydrated magnesium silicate, 3MgO 4SiO2 H2O) as the main raw material, and the (chemical formula is MgSiO3) as the main crystal phase. Is one of the main high frequency porcelain device and its characteristics is of high volume resistivity, low dielectric constant, dielectric loss angle tangent value, high frequency characteristics of excellent. The mechanical strength of the general, easy to process, cheap, good chemical stability. From the frequency characteristics, the dielectric constant of talc porcelain decreased with the increase of frequency, and at high frequency with the increase of temperature change is very small, so when used as a high frequency device to show the advantages of talc porcelain.


Zirconia (ZrO2) is a dispersed solid solution with a small amount of three and two yttrium oxide, which has strong adhesion and high bending strength. The advantages of electrical insulation and drug resistance. Especially in the room temperature strength, compared with other ceramics better, often used in wear resistant materials, mechanical parts, etc.. The thermal conductivity of zirconia ceramics is 3W / M / K, which is used as a heat insulating material due to its low thermal conductivity. Features: strong adhesion, strong friction, high hardness, heavy, not rust, corrosion resistance, strong resistance, not Yi Zhanran.


Cordierite cordierite is MgO - Al2O3 - SiO2 series of ceramic, composed of cordierite crystallization 2MgO - 2Al2O3 - 5SiO2 /. N-23 and N-53 are divided into two kinds.
Among them, N-53 is our unique of its own research and development, has the same characteristics in appearance after glazing. Features: heat shock resistance, low thermal expansion of good use, heat resistant parts; low thermal expansion parts.


Mullite (N-800) MgO-Al2O3 - 2SiO2 series by 3Al2O3 - 2SiO2 ceramics, mullite crystal. At room temperature and alumina porcelain has the same degree of strength, but also has the characteristics in high temperature and strong thermal expansion smaller, which contains rich mullite crystalline Mo series of mullite ceramics as a high temperature material is widely used.
Features: high thermal shock resistance; abrasion resistance; use of low-cost manufacturing, heat-resistant parts; the furnace with a plate; structural members.
High temperature materials; plug and spark; sensor base.

Silicon carbide

Silicon carbide.
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